Lunch‘n Learn & Conference Presentations

With Speaking and Presenting, the real goal of any speaker is to inspire some sort of lasting, positive change from listeners. Motivating audiences to take action regarding health and wellness can be the most difficult goal to achieve.

I have been doing just that for quite some time.

Providing current, science-based information in a provocative and sometimes contrarian manner consistently jolts my audiences out of complacency towards positive action and behavioral change.

Keep in mind, if your organization’s culture calls for a custom presentation, I will work with you to design the most effective solution.

Here is a listing of possible topics:

  • The Power and Process of Making A Change
  • Successful Strategies for a Maturing Workforce
  • Road Warrior Fitness – “Sell Fit or Lose!”
  • Stress Reduction In and Out of the Workplace
  • Real World Weight Management Solutions
  • Sane Fitness Approaches For All Ages
  • Nutrition:
    • 18 Anti-Aging Strategies
    • The Sugar Roller Coaster
    • Inflammation – The New Enemy
    • Many additional topics are available in the vast and changing field…just ask!

Other Popular Presentation Options:

  • The Truth About Wheat, Gluten, and Grains
  • Fitness Past 50
  • The NEW Cholesterol Facts
  • Food and Mood: The Mind-Body Connection
  • Staying Sharp As We Age
  • The Energy Formula
  • Vitamins and Supplements for Those Over 50
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