our mission

If you are tasked with implementing a wellness program for your company, WCG can help get the most from your budget while creating program your employee will actually use.

  • Don’t spend money on a fitness solution no one uses.
  • Don’t lose good employees because they don’t feel the company doesn’t truly care about their health.
  • Don’t let another quarter go by without speaking to us.

It all starts with our complementary Site Assessment and an Employee Survey. We will determine the best fit for your location and then really dig in to pinpoint what services your employees will stick with.

Based on our findings, we can build the right combination of programs and you won’t feel like you’re simply throwing money at a problem.

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Core Values
  • A drive to improve the health and fitness awareness of every employer and employee we encounter.
  • A determination to structure cost-effective solutions.
  • A focus on the health and growth of our client companies.
Wellness Consulting GroupOur Mission