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7 Reasons to Start Your Corporate Wellness Programs NOW!

Wellness Consulting Group offers THE VERY BEST approach and implementation to Corporate Fitness success. This #1 on-site workplace fitness program removes all barriers to exercise and generates motivation and participation by working people who would otherwise not meet their body’s daily exercise requirements.


Regular exercise is one of the body’s most primary needs, the lack of which contributes to 70% of the deaths each day in America. It is one of the most misunderstood and taken-for-granted activities in the world. You know this, but you must communicate it…70% of deaths each day could be prevented.


As the Corporate Boot Camp becomes more common in the workplace, a definite shift in preventable deaths will be noticeable in all data, across all categories. With the headlines screaming daily about the sorry state of health in America, the move away from managed care of preventable chronic illness to proactive prevention will include on-site workplace fitness programs for these simple reasons:


On-Site Workplace Fitness…


  1. Overcomes the Three Most Common Barriers to Exercise – Time and time again, we get the same answer to the question: Why don’t you exercise? Time, Money, and Location.  “I don’t’ have time to exercise.”  “It costs too much.”  “The gym too far away, it’s just not convenient.”  A company sponsored onsite Corporate Fitness program eliminates all of those excuses and creates a healthier, more productive workforce.


  1. Timely – No time taken from work, family, or social life, removing the #1 barrier/excuse for exercise. Our surveys tell us that most respondents want to workout between the hours of 8 – 5…that’s right, “on the ‘man’s dime”.  With a company sponsored onsite Corporate Fitness program, you create an environment of happy, healthy employees / associates that don’t have to take any additional time away from their family and friends.


  1. Convenient – 30-minute full body workout sessions fit into everybody’s schedule, during the workday, no travel required, no workplace interruption. Everyone can find 30 minutes to dedicate to exercise, especially when it’s conveniently brought to their doorstep.  A company sponsored Corporate Fitness program makes it convenient and efficient.


  1. Motivating – Peer support, group enthusiasm, and healthy peer competition energize the employees to participate consistently and finish strong every day. “There’s strength in numbers.”  We’ve all heard that quote, and it’s true.  A company sponsored Corporate Fitness program brings associates together in an environment that motivates everyone and helps to improve fitness levels.


  1. Scientific Evidence-Based – Workout routines that challenge the full body at each individual’s correct intensity, with the added psychological benefit of audio interval cuing, and circuits that progress the moves, are guaranteed to be successful.


  1. Effective at Every Fitness Level – From de-conditioned novice to fit athlete, WCG moves the Corporate Fitness program into overdrive with participation and results. By implementing exercise ‘leveling’ to adjust movements to suit the typical sedentary employee, inclusion in programming becomes the norm, rather than the exception as seen in the majority of commercial gym settings.


  1. Workplace Wellness Involvement – Providing the opportunity for involvement along with education and information increases the likelihood of participation, this, in turn increases healthy results for both employees and businesses.


When combined with proper nutrition, the on-site workplace exercise program completes the two key elements to a successful rate of return on investment, which every business that implements a wellness program is seeking.    It is fun, and it works.

Wellness Consulting Group7 Reasons to Start Your Corporate Wellness Programs NOW!